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We are a company made up of young professionals striving to bring new creations and ideas to the market, we have been working to deliver a data driven tool for the real estate business for the past five years. 

The Real Estate Scraper app is a tool that allows you to scrape real estate data from any website and perform various operations on the data such as filtering, modifying, and plotting. The app is built using Python and utilizes various libraries such as Beautiful Soup, pandas, and Bokeh.

What We Do

Our Innovative organization uses the latest technology to provide your business with data that can make a difference, in business performance and customer satisfaction.


we believe in being creative and ambitious in every area we enter in to and we believe data engineering and technology as a whole can play a part in the growth of the real estate sector in Ethiopia.  

  • Filtering and modifying data for the right purpose.
  • Doing our jobs with out breaching any one’s privacy.
  • self development.


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